Using Legacy Medium Format Lenses with a 21st Century Technical Camera

The great majority of my favorite landscape images have been taken at the wider end of the spectrum of focal lengths.  Since moving to a technical camera a few years ago, my wide-angle lens of choice is the Rodenstock 32HR.  It provides a field of view of roughly what a 21mm lens would provide using a 35mm format.  If I need to create an even wider view, then I will use the shift feature available on my Cambo WRS and stitch accordingly.  But landscape photography doesn’t always live up close and low to your subject.  Sometimes, I want to be able “extract” a small segment of a much broader landscape scene. The lenses generally designed for a technical camera, such as the Cambo WRS and others, are generally limited in their longer focal lengths.  Those longer focal lengths generally are tapped out at 180mm.  Because of this limitation, I was interested in finding a way to utilize legacy (i.e. film) MF telephoto lenses (with large image circles) so that I could extract small segments of a landscape scene while still utilizing the full size of the Phase One IQ280 sensor.

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